GatorDuct® is transforming the ductwork industry across the world

Despite many advancements in architecture & building technology, ductwork systems haven’t changed in over a hundred years. Until now...

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The strongest heavy duty corrugated cardboard ever made

GatorDuct is made from Tri-Wall, a material so strong and durable it's used to safely transport heavy and hazardous goods throughout the world


Manufactured from a sustainable source

Tri-Wall comes from managed forests where, for each tree chopped down two new trees are planted, protecting the future of forests and timber supply for generations to come


Inherently insulated

Tri-Wall has considerable inherent insulation properties, meaning an average of 20 percent less insulation material needed for GatorDuct than for traditional steel duct



Multi-layered protective coating

Our HVAC engineers combine Tri-Wall with a unique and multi-layered protective coating called GatorSkin.

Our patented protective layer provides fire retardant polymers to inhibit the outbreak of fire to EN ISO 11925-2 Class E.

GatorDuct is 100% moisture resistant and will not absorb any moisture internally or externally.

A non-permeable layer ensures airtightness requirements.

Taking inspiration from nature, GatorDuct is hydrophobic, repelling water from both internal and external surfaces, providing self-cleaning properties like the lotus leaf.

Part of the plan

Full integration with CAMduct software by Autodesk

GatorDuct is fully integrated with AutoDesk, to fit seamlessly into your existing workflow.

Print Logos Print Graphics

Printable surface

Because the surface is printable, it can be designed with graphics, patterns and colour to suit your project



Utilising the latest CNC knife cutting technology, GatorDuct is easily fabricated from the Autodesk CAMduct comprehensive library of components. Fabricators can create square, rectangular and circular ductwork components for full versatility without any restrictions.


Less weight
Less cost
Lower emissions
Better for the planet

GatorDuct is delivered flat pack for efficient transportation; when compared to the volume of traditional steel duct, it requires just 12% of the space.

Easy Installation


Site assembly and modifications requires no new technologies, just a simple jigsaw will do


GatorDuct will be ready scored on arrival, making it simple to assemble

No Dents

GatorDuct is tough and durable and will not damage easily

80% Lighter

GatorDuct is lightweight and flatpack on arrival, making it easy to carry

Lasts a lifetime

Once installed, GatorDuct will last a life time

So why use GatorDuct® ?

Innovative, sustainable and cost effective, GatorDuct is the future of ductwork systems


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