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Dragonfly Foods (Food & Drink Industry)

Dragonfly Foods is a food production company supplying high-end supermarkets with unique ‘free-from’ products. They renovated a large space in Exeter to house some of their key production elements. The whole production and office space was built as a ‘clean room’ with cladded insulated walls and ceiling ensuring ease of future maintenance and cleaning processes. The space was so large that weight became the biggest complication to the install as all the services needed to be coordinated through a roof void across the insulated ceiling. With weight restrictions in place across the whole area, GatorDuct was selected as the air transportation method meaning a much lighter load on the structure. Manual handling of large ductwork into the installation area became an ease and following suit with the cladded walls, a wipe clean external surface layer was added to the GatorDuct system, allowing for structured and rigorous cleaning throughout.

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