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Grupo Antolin – Antolin Barton (Plastic Manufacturing)

GatorDuct were requested to supply rectangular ductwork for an Antolin Barton site in Staffordshire. The project consisted of vertical straights from roof mounted evaporative cooling units which were spot cooling various parts of the factory to aid in generating a comfortable environment for employees. The whole workshop was undergoing development with further machinery being brought in on top of an already critically busy workshop in operation 24 hours a day. The GatorDuct system was easy to install at high level due to its lightweight nature but also did not require thermal insulation do the inherent nature of GatorBoard, saving the end user money on the project’s overall budget. With evaporative cooling and GatorDuct installed throughout the factory, the carbon footprint of the installation and running costs are incredibly low equaling a green, eco friendly project that Antolin Barton are now rolling out in further areas across their facility

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