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Herons Leisure Centre (Leisure & Recreation Industry)

The Brief: Canterbury city council specified the use of GatorDuct at Herons Leisure Centre. Utilising sustainable GatorDuct allowed the council to publically demonstrate their commitment to utilise sustainable materials where possible.

GatorDuct was chosen to provide a sustainable and creative ductwork solution for Canterbury City Council at Herons Leisure Centre. The leisure centre were carrying out refurbishment on their gym and needed a quality, lightweight, easy to handle ductwork system.

The refurbishment was completed outside of normal working hours as the gym was still operational and the leisure centre didn’t want to inconvenience any of their clients. Time was in limited supply and the ductwork system needed to be robust yet versatile. It meant that the site operatives could extract the false ceiling in small segments in order to manually handle the GatorDuct up into place without causing damage to the gym equipment below. The ceiling void was also very tight and space was at a minimum. With careful coordination, the operatives rang through precise dimensions to the engineering team who then relayed the GatorDuct components to our workshop.

The workshop then acted on a very short timescale to turn the project around and once delivered, the ductwork was installed in sections. Considering the timescale and the coordination difficulty, the project ran very smoothly and Canterbury City Council along with Herons Leisure Centre were both delighted with the outcome.

The Result: This project demonstrated GatorDuct’s manufacturing expertise and Ability to work on a tight timescale with our clients. the lightweight & versatile nature of GatorDuct made the project much easier to complete on time and on schedule.


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