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Rolls-Royce, Derby (Manufacturing)

GatorDuct have just completed a prestigious project at Rolls-Royce in Derby to distribute fresh air into one of their largest production areas. Working closely with SPIE UK and MP Services Ltd, GatorDuct components were delivered to site at key dates against the site works programme as the facility was still active 24 hours a day. With some ductwork sections in excess of 2 metres x 1.5 metres, GatorDuct’s key characteristics really made a difference being lightweight and carrying far better thermal properties than steel. Rolls-Royce engineers had concerns with the existing structure’s weight loading capacity and by using a GatorDuct system that required no insulation, offered a huge reduction in total weight and also a substantial cost saving. With a project as critical to programme as this and with the system 12 metres up in the air, GatorDuct placed on site fabrication engineers with installers to ensure the quality of all GatorDuct components was up to the expected high standard and specification.

GatorDuct has completed a wide variety of similar workshop installs where weight is a concern and costings needed to be driven as low as possible to meet client budgets. If this is something you would like to assess in your facility, then please get in touch today for the only sustainable ductwork system on the planet…


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