Aryzta Bakery (Food & Drink Industry)

Aryzta Bakery is a food production company supplying the UK’s largest fast food chain with bakery products. Aryzta had moved some new machinery into a critical area of the factory and required extensive cooling to maintain correct operating temperatures and Read More

Dragonfly Foods (Food & Drink Industry)

Dragonfly Foods is a food production company supplying high-end supermarkets with unique ‘free-from’ products. They renovated a large space in Exeter to house some of their key production elements. The whole production and office space was built as a ‘clean Read More

Matthew Algie, Glasgow (Food & Drink Industry)

GatorDuct were invited to provide a bespoke ductwork solution for Matthew Algie at one their main facilities. In an area where carbonated water was used frequently during the production process, our client asked for a ‘bubbled water theme’ on the Read More

McCormick Foods (Food & Drink Industry)

GatorDuct have just supplied an innovative ductwork system at McCormick Foods in Littleborough, Rochdale. The system was installed into a food production area and due to the hygienic nature of the environment, a wipe-clean external surface was included. This ensures Read More

Allied Bakeries West Bromwich Plant (Food & Drink Industry)

The Brief: Allied Bakeries tasked by Paradigm Group to design and build mechanical ventilation systems throughout various locations on their new construction phase. Sustainable GatorDuct systems were utilised during the installation. We have recently fabricated and installed numerous GatorDuct systems Read More

Roberts Bakery (Food & Drink Industry)

The Brief: Roberts Bakery tasked by paradigm group to design and build a sustainable cooling solution throughout their production facility. We have fabricated and installed a number of innovative ductwork systems for Roberts Bakery at their main production facility in Read More

Allied Bakeries Stevenage Plant (Food & Drink Industry)

Brief: Allied Bakeries tasked by Paradigm Group to design and build a mechanical ventilation system throughout their storage areas and ingredients rooms. industrial machines were giving off large heat gains and a sustainable solution was urgently needed. We have fabricated Read More

Ductwork System Installation for AG Barr

AG Barr Project (Food & Drink Industry)

Brief: AG Barr engaged with by paradigm group to provide a sustainable design & build solution to their overheating problem experienced in three of their sites located in the UK, Milton Keynes, Cumbernauld and Strathmore. All projects incorporated evaporative cooling Read More