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Allied Bakeries Stevenage Plant (Food & Drink Industry)

Brief: Allied Bakeries tasked by Paradigm Group to design and build a mechanical ventilation system throughout their storage areas and ingredients rooms. industrial machines were giving off large heat gains and a sustainable solution was urgently needed.

We have fabricated and installed a GatorDuct system at an Allied Bakeries plant in Stevenage, Allied Bakeries chose our sustainable system because it’s made from renewable sources and our fabrication process is very hygienic from start to finish.

They needed a new mechanical ventilation system installed throughout their ingredients area and flour loft due to large heat gains from existing equipment and expected features that were due to be installed at a later date. During the project’s design phase we had to choose a particular fabrication method so that GatorDuct could be easily cleaned for future maintenance. We decided that an extra protective, wipe clean surface option was perfect for this particular scenario. The external liner reduces the risk of dirt and dust particle build up on the surface, in this case flour.

This unique GatorDuct fabrication method has proven to be the perfect sustainable solution for food and drink production factories up and down the UK because it is easy to install and maintain in difficult to access locations. The supply and extract systems installed to specification and dramatically improved the environment. A constant temperature was maintained and kept employees comfortable whilst working.

Results: The Allied Bakeries Engineering team and the site’s employees are very happy with the installation. To look aesthetically good whilst being sustainable in nature but robust for future maintenance was key to the success of the project.


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