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Allied Bakeries West Bromwich Plant (Food & Drink Industry)

The Brief: Allied Bakeries tasked by Paradigm Group to design and build mechanical ventilation systems throughout various locations on their new construction phase. Sustainable GatorDuct systems were utilised during the installation.

We have recently fabricated and installed numerous GatorDuct systems at an Allied Bakeries plant in West Bromwich. Allied Bakeries chose our GatorDuct system because it’s the only sustainable ductwork product available on the planet and our fabrication process is very hygienic from start to finish.

They needed new mechanical ventilation systems installed throughout their new phase of construction works. This included areas such as staff changing facilities through to a flour loft where ingredients are stored. Existing equipment was relocated to the new area and by Paradigm Group had to establish estimated heat gains in order to design a sufficient cooling system aswell as provide fresh air for employees. During the project’s design phase we had to choose a particular fabrication method so that GatorDuct could be easily cleaned for future maintenance.

We decided that an extra protective, wipe clean surface option was perfect for this particular scenario. This was especially relevant in the flour loft where ductwork was installed at a 45° angle as a diamond shape as to not promote the settling of dust and flour for ease of future cleaning. All individual systems were thoroughly neat and well-coordinated and once commissioned provided the correct performance to ensure comfort in all areas.

The Result: this project demonstrated the coordination capabilities of GatorDuct on a large project for a reputable client. After careful coordination and liaising with site personnel the project was completed to a very high hygienic standard throughout.


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