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Aryzta Bakery (Food & Drink Industry)

Aryzta Bakery is a food production company supplying the UK’s largest fast food chain with bakery products. Aryzta had moved some new machinery into a critical area of the factory and required extensive cooling to maintain correct operating temperatures and humidity. Cosaf Environments Ltd were tasked with finding the solution and used a bespoke Air2o evaporative cooling unit mounted externally at floor level with approximately 30 metres of high level GatorDuct terminating in the area that required cooling. It took a careful sequence of coordination which was carried out by GatorDuct engineers and it was decided that a vinyl coating was to be applied to ensure a wipe clean surface for the high maintenance regime that was required of the system. Both Cosaf Environments Ltd and Aryzta Bakery were delighted with the GatorDuct and it performed exceptionally well along with looking aesthetically brilliant. The photograph shown is of the termination end with single deflection grilles which were balanced by commissioning engineers.

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