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As recommended by CIBSE

A collaboration between CIBSE and the WRAP to reduce resource waste has identified industry initiatives that could lead to changes in the way that building services are designed and delivered.

CIBSE is working with WRAP ‘to increase awareness of the opportunities and business benefits of resource efficiency’.

Aecom was appointed to run seven workshops and to develop technical guidance for the industry.

Initiatives include a tool being developed by Imtech in partnership with Oxford Brookes University, which calculates the embodied energy of building services.

The ventilation workshop included a debate on the potential benefits of lightweight ductwork such as pre-insulated ductwork and

an innovative new cardboard duct developed by Gatorduct, which has considerably lower embodied energy, as well as reduced transportation costs, compared to conventional galvanised steel.


Meanwhile Philips Lighting said it was developing a ‘Pay-PerLux’ service, developing products that can be maintained and

upgraded, rather than disposed of at end of their operating life.

For The Enterprise Centre – a new low carbon exemplar building at the University of East Anglia – BDP and Architype said that they were working to reduce the embodied energy of both the fabric and services/

The findings will be developed into a CIBSE Technical Memorandum on resource efficiency of building services, and CIBSE is keen to hear about further examples via



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