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By Paradigm Office Installation (Commercial Environment)

Brief: By paradigm group moved into new offices in 2015 and GatorDuct provided a sustainable & natural ductwork system.

Due to expansion, by Paradigm Group relocated offices to Lowry Mill near Manchester. The space was a shell and hadn’t changed much since its original use as a mill. After renovation, the office space was transformed into a modern working environment. With it being an aged building there was no existing ventilation system. Through a site survey, GatorDuct designed a ductwork system to distribute the air throughout the building to ensure the occupants were suitably comfortable.

The interior design was very high end and a ductwork system like GatorDuct really provided that unique addition to the aesthetics of the open plan spaces. The kraft finish with black GatorSeal system gave a natural feel and complemented the space. GatorDuct has superior thermal properties and  doesn’t condensate when exposed to the elements. Despite cool air being transported through the distribution network, no condensation forms, so a cost saving was made on any insulation protection against this potential issue. The client was very happy with the finished installation and when commissioned everyone in the office was pleased with the temperature and how cool the ductwork looked.

The Result: Although the building was constructed in the 1800’S the internal environment was that of a modern looking space. We had to ensure that a natural look would suit the open plan areas but ensure the specification was accurately met. Once installed, everyone was delighted with the results.



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