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Cardboard Centre for Culture

While OMA is busy finalising designs for a new home for the Garage Centre for Contemporary Culture in Moscow, the arts organisation has temporarily moved into a pavilion with cardboard columns by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban.

Garage will occupy the pavilion during the entire construction period, which will see a 1960s building in Stalinist-era Gorky Park renovated into an exhibition centre with moving walls and floors.

Ban’s oval-shaped pavilion is located in the same park and has chunky cardboard columns surrounding its entire perimeter.

“The construction of the temporary pavilion is both efficient to construct and affordable by using local materials produced in St. Petersburg,” said Shigeru Ban.

Discussing his decision to work on the project, Ban explained: “I was interested in working in Russia first and foremost because of Russia’s culture, architecture, music and art and due to its geographic connections with Japan. Although Russia and Japan are neighbours, we have very different cultures.”

A single rectangular exhibition space is contained inside the building, alongside a bookshop and cafe.

In late 2013 Garage will relocate to their new building and the pavilion will then be used for experimental projects.

The inaugural exhibition, entitled Temporary Structures in Gorky Park: From Melnikov to Ban, focusses on the history of temporary pavilions in the park, which was planned in the 1920’s by Konstantin Melnikov.


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