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Cardboard Vase Designs

These jewel-like vases from German design duo are assembled from flat sheets of cardboard.

The Snug Vases come as a flat-pack, ready to be folded into shape and placed over a glass or bottle of water.

The vases come in two sizes and three colours – white, grey and copper.

Hanover-based was founded in 2010 by interior designer Kerstin Reilemann and architect Berit Lüdecke.

Here’s some more information from the designers:

The German design label, based in Hannover, has designed this vase. It’s a folding sheet made of brightly coloured cardboard. you can fold the geometric shape on your own. In combination with a small glass of water or a small bottle you will have a beatiful faceted vase for your flowers. It comes in two forms and three colors (white, grey and copper). Flat packed with assembly and ready to fold. are Kerstin Reilemann, interior designer, and Berit Lüdecke, architect. Since 2010 they create design-products in their studio in Hannover, Germany. Clear, minimalist and classic, this is the style of snug. By shape, paint scheme and processing from ordinary materials such as plywood or laminate they develop high quality interior-products and jewellery. Each design tells his own story. “We always follow our intention and we have high ambitions for what we do. Everything what will go into production we would like to have for ourselves.”


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