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Koito Europe (Plastic Manufacturing)

Brief: Koito tasked by Paradigm group to design and build a sustainable cooling solution to their injection moulding production facility located in Droitwich, Worcestershire.

Koito Europe are a leading manufacturer of car body parts using modern day injection moulding techniques. Pressure ovens and moulding tools are used throughout their facility on a large scale. There is an agreed summer shut down of two weeks and all works were required to be completed in this time slot as to not avoid any disruption to their production schedule.

It was important that GatorDuct’s engineers and the site operatives ensured an efficient coordination process to ensure the works were completed within the summer shutdown to a high standard. The day to day works within the facility also created a lot of dust so we added an additional protective layer. This allowed the ductwork to be easily wiped clean at a later date, even when the systems are in operation.

This project utilised evaporative cooling units at roof level to control the climate inside with GatorDuct as the air transportation method, it was an incredibly green solution which made a huge difference to the internal environment. Koito’s employees immediately noticed the difference and it provided a comfortable working environment whilst ensuring machinery was kept operational at the correct condition.

The Result: Everybody involved in the process was very impressed with the finished result of the GatorDuct install. Whilst providing a fully sustainable ductwork solution, it looks incredible and very fitting with the workshop’s environment. To enable our client to install within their schedule was also very satisfying as the rapid install characteristics and advantages of using GatorDuct really came to the forefront of this project.



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