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Roberts Bakery (Food & Drink Industry)

The Brief: Roberts Bakery tasked by paradigm group to design and build a sustainable cooling solution throughout their production facility.

We have fabricated and installed a number of innovative ductwork systems for Roberts Bakery at their main production facility in Cheshire. Roberts Bakery chose our GatorDuct systems because they are made from renewable sources and our fabrication process is very hygienic from start to finish.

They needed a number of new cooling systems because high temperatures were making employees feel very uncomfortable. During the projects design phase we had to choose a particular fabrication method so that GatorDuct could be easily cleaned for future maintenance. We decided that an extra protective, wipe clean surface option was perfect for this particular scenario.

The external liner reduces the risk of dirt and dust particles building up on the surface. This particular GatorDuct fabrication method has proven to be the perfect sustainable solution for food and drink production factories up and down the UK because it is easy to install and maintain in tricky, difficult to access locations. All involved feel the individual systems are a fantastic addition to the production area; the UV printed branding looks striking against the white glossy surface. The droppers have added a new dimension to the aesthetics but also a continuous flow of cool tempered air.

The Result: This project demonstrated GatorDuct’s suitability for the high demands of the food and drink industry. whilst having to promote the brand of Roberts bakery we had to ensure tempered air was distributed effectively throughout the area.


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