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The Little Green Book

“When people use more paper, suppliers plant more trees. If we want bigger commercial forests, then we should use more paper not less. Our policies should directly protect important wildlife habitats, not try to reduce our demand for paper”

Edward L. Glaeser, Professor of Economics, Harvard University

Sustainability and climate change are top of the agenda for most CEO’s and today’s environmentally conscientious consumers.

The paper and paper-based packaging industry has a great sustainability story to tell and International Paper, the largest pulp and paper company in the world, think it’s time to start sharing it.

They have written ‘The Little Green Book’, “to make it easier for everyone to understand some of the key facts about how sustainable our industry is. This should no longer be a best kept secret. Everyone has the right to know.”

The book examines some of the commonly held myths about the business in relation to sustainability and sets the record straight. It is a reality check that the paper industry has, beyond any reasonable doubt, a truly fantastic environmental sustainability story to tell.

These are the facts. Read them. Know them. Use them.

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